Spell StopAtTwo like this when referring to the collection of concepts. Use to refer to the website or organization. When stating that we must stop at two children, then it should be written as a normal sentence.

Refer to the TwoFourEight and OneTwoFour algorithm like this.

If you want to refer to the website, will work, but better is StopAtTwo. Better yet, is to provide the logo and text like this:

We support StopAtTwo

Do's and Don'ts

The goal of StopAtTwo is to ensure that every human understands the facts listed on the home page.

  • We do not predict the future. For example, we do not predict whether the population will crash, or whether this resource or that resource will run out.
  • We do not mention the current population or the rate of population growth as proof of anything. It does not prove or disprove that we are, or will be, overpopulated.
  • Women and men are treated equally because both sexes must know this information. It may be true that women need equal rights and better access to birth control. When the StopAtTwo facts are commmon knowledge, there will be much less resistance to providing birth control.
  • We do not agree with or support any birth limitations that are based on intelligence, competence, money, race.