How you can contribute

We need to setup the tax exempt status before we can take donations, so at this stage we are not looking for money. In no particular order, we would appreciate any help along the following lines:

  • You can find forums and other online media where you can write about StopAtTwo and provide a link to the site. See the Rules tab for additional information about writing about and referring to StopAtTwo.
  • We need help organizing, writing, and editing this material.
  • We need thoughts and ideas.
  • We need endorsements, both experts and famous that will state that they agree. At the very least, go to the "Register" page and submit your name and in the comments enter your title/occupation. We will create a "Who Agrees" page.
  • We need introductions to influential people and organizations that might be of help.
  • We need help writing articles and getting them published. These articles don't have to directly preach the StopAtTwo message. For example, we can write an article that describes the horrible state of ignorance on this topic.
  • The text can be translated to other languages, however this is a bit premature, because the English text is not stable. It will certainly change. However, we need some plans for promotion in every country and there's no reason the USA must be first. It is only first right now because that is where I live.

For now please email or call John Taves, john.taves at, 425 444 2368.