The goal of StopAtTwo is to ensure that everyone knows the following facts:

  • The world population is at the limit of how many can be kept alive. We have generally always been at the limit even as we have raised the limits dramatically. When we average too many children and are at the limit, we cause child mortality as a consequence of births. Births kill children.
  • Every country and the planet is currently overpopulated with humans because we do not know how to keep our numbers alive without destroying the resources that we need to accomplish this. For example, we do not know how to keep the existing 7+ billion humans alive without burning fossil fuels. World wide we are averaging 2.5 children, which means we are attempting to make the next generation 20% larger yet to the best of our knowledge we don't know how they will be able to keep those numbers alive because we are destroying the resource we need to keep our current numbers alive. This is known as overshoot. Everyone has a moral responsibility to reduce the size of the next generation by having less than 2 children.
  • How many children you create determines whether you, your parents, and your grandparents are attempting increase, keep the same, or decrease the population. TwoFourEight is 2 children, 4 grandchildren for your parents, or 8 great grandchildren for your grandparents and is attempting to keep the population stable. Given the first 2 facts above, we must decrease our numbers, so OneTwoFour and Zero is a better choice today.
  • Averaging too many children is worse than infanticide.

As long as these facts are not common knowledge, we have a population problem.

We must teach these concepts in school, and parents must teach these concepts as basic morals, just like parents teach "don't hurt others", "don't litter" and "don't steal".

See the attached curriculum intended for students aged 10 and above.

StopAtTwo is a voluntary organization dedicated to spreading the knowledge. Please see contribute.

Our common knowledge generally includes the fact that murder is wrong. It includes the fact that the Earth is a big sphere. The answer to 3 times 4 is common knowledge.

It should be as difficult to find someone that believes the world is shaped like a pancake as it is to find someone that will tell you that we have the right to make as many babies as we want.