Your descendants are the only ones you can average

Your descendants will overpopulate the whole planet and suffer the horrors of overbreeding if they average more than two children, even if all others in the world stopped having children.

This fact dictates that we must pay attention to how many children we create, how many grandchildren our parents have and how many great grandchildren our grandparents have. If, for example, the community wanted to keep the population numbers stable and you were one of a triplet, then you and your 2 other siblings would not be able to have 2 children each. Your parents should not have more than 4 grandchildren.

Keep in mind that today we must not attempt to keep our numbers stable. They must be headed down.


This means you must not have more than two, and if you do, you must instruct your children to limit themselves such that they do not create more than four grandchildren for you. Similarly, you must not create more than four grandchildren for your parents, and you must not create more than eight great grandchildren for your grand parents. This is known as the TwoFourEight algorithm.

Because all countries are currently overpopulated, and many countries are suffering the effects of overbreeding, TwoFourEight is too many. OneTwoFour and Zero are a better choice.